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4th Street Commons | 5 WAYS TO MAKE YOUR RESUME POP!
We’ve all been there, applying to countless jobs and never hearing a word back. We can be left feeling discouraged, with little to no motive left to continue looking for the perfect job. Before you close your browser, and shut down your computer, pull up your Resume and let’s take a closer look at the top 5 ways to spruce up your mini self-introduction. has come up with 5 ways to make your Resume stand out! Recruiters have said to look at your Resume for no more than 6 seconds before moving onto the next candidate, so let’s make sure every second counts!
1: Respond Directly to the Job Description
Make sure your work experience is relevant to the job you are applying for. We all love Subway, but including that you were a Sandwich Artist when applying for a Corporate Position with a Fortune 500 company, may earn you a trip to the unread pile. 
2: Describe Accomplishments, Not Responsibilities.
Highlight what you did best and how, not how you did your best at certain tasks. Your resume should be more than just a summary of what you were supposed to do. A trick you can use to utilize simplify the process, is to use symbols like ! ,@, #, and %. How can these be used? Use ! to express excitement over an accomplishment. @ to mention any noteworthy names. # can be widely used to explain growth financially through accomplishments, which can also coincide with %’s as well!
3: Quantify your Accomplishments
As mentioned before, numbers help recruiters easily understand what you accomplished and how well it was done. The clearer the image, the higher the possibility of you landing the interview is!
4: Use the Summary Section for Distinguishing Details
For those of you who decide to include a summary section, use this as an opportunity to provide further insight into your personal achievements. As mentions in their blurb, if you have to mention separately that you are an “excellent communicator,” then odds are you need to work on your communication skills. 
5: Ignore Irrelevant Information
As mentioned before, you have 6 seconds to impress a recruiter who’s looking for the perfect candidate. Including only relevant will work best in your favor. Even if your experience does not go as far as wanted, try not to pad your resume with fluff. Doing so can actually end up hurting more than helping. 
Follow these 5 tips and your chances of landing the big interview will nearly double! Follow for more ways of how you can raise your chances of landing your dream job! Best of luck on your Job hunt!