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4th Street Commons | Stay in shape this holiday season!
The Holidays are finally here! And well, yes, this means our “summer bodies” can take a break from attempting to resurrect. However, if you are focused on keeping that Summer Bod, here are three tips on making sure your caloric intake, is in check!
1. Keep Track of What You’re Eating!
Use Calorie Tracking apps to monitor the food you intake. With thousands of meal combinations, you can easily monitor your diet. From Cookies to Candied Yams, it’s all there.
2. Downsize your portions by downsizing your plate!
Okay, I get it. Grandma’s Pumpkin Pie is out of this world, but put down the big plate and swap it for a smaller one! It may seem laughable at such an idea, but even reducing your plate size from 9 to 6 inches, can leave you feeling fuller for longer! It’s all in the mind baby!
3. Pour Wisely!
Whether your catching up on Holiday movie favorites or hanging out a family/friend get together, be careful when pouring up on your favorite drink. Even the smallest glass of wine can contain as much as 125 calories per serving! Whoa! Just be sure to keep tabs on your servings, and always make sure to drink responsibly . 
The Holidays come quickly and leave just as fast! Make sure to follow these three tips to keep your summer bod in check!