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4th Street Commons | 5 Childhood Lies You Still Believe…And Probably Shouldn’t
“You’re too close to the TV, you’re going to go blind!" Yeahhhh, I’m sure by now you’ve discovered that Blindness is a little more complex than watching TV too closely. However, there are several other things you NEED TO KNOW!
1. Vitamin C does not prevent colds, so put down that gallon of OJ! Vitamin C is still a great supplement, and can help aid your immune system if do have the dreaded “sniffles.”
2. Cracking your knuckles will not cause Arthritis. Although it can cause the people around you to be bothered, or even slightly irritated at the disgusting pop noises coming from your hands.
3. Reading in the dark, wont cause you to go blind. Although it can strain your eyes and maybe cause you to go to sleep resulting in your missing that ultra important Final Exam at 8am!!!!
4. Don’t worry, that piece of gum you just swallowed wont get stuck in your intestines. It’’ll come out, just like everything else does. Ok, yeah this one is nasty. NEXT!
5. Don’t look in the microwave while your food cooks, you’ll be infested with radiation!! Ok, definitely don’t believe this one! Look at your food all you want, it’ll probably sound like a War Battle so it’ll be worth watching for sure!